Education system switches to emergency mode as situation develops

Given the new situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic, and the need to adapt the everyday life and thus the education system, we asked our partners about the situation in their countries. Our Gen-D partner from Albania has sent us a video reporting on how the educational system in their country responded to this pandemic.

Our partner from Albania, Ofiçina, is the leading integrator of youth, startups and innovative businesses, aiding the economic growth, youth employability, visibility and prosperity of Albania. Ofiçina aims to advance innovation and entrepreneurship to new levels, in which the entrepreneurial spirit and culture of innovation are reflected amongst individuals, companies, and government, though creating a functional ecosystem in which ventures are supported to growth and sustainability. Ofiçina supports the aspirations of individuals, private institutions, governments, and foreign investors to achieve development by generating innovative ideas and introducing new products, services, and operations that improve the overall life quality of Albania’s citizens and increase the competitiveness of the local economy through supporting 21st-century education curricula.

In their report video, Ofiçina stated that all private and public institutions were suspended, and the schools were shut down nationwide. The universities in Albania were the least affected as they are more custom to work independently and distribute lectures online. Albanian government issued live lectures on Albanian national TV channels and organized teachers to prepare online lectures on platforms such as Skype, Google Classroom, Office 365, etc.