About Propulsion

Hello, we are Propulsion!

As a communication agency we offer our clients and partners the expansion of their social impact and development of PR and marketing strategies. Through collaborating with about 70 clients a year, we are implementing programs and campaigns with full project creative and organizational support. Gaining recognition of our clients’ social influence, we are on a mission of improving the culture of social responsibility together.



Award-winning social impact communicators.

We are the leading supplier of social impact communications in the Adria region. And wider.


Pioneers of corporate social impact programs.

Our own Propulsion Fund carries out corporate social impact programs with leading companies.


Persistent community builders.

We support projects that develop digital competencies, IT solutions, leadership skills, and many other fields.

Our mission in Gen-D?

Propulsions’ impact factor in Gen-D lays in developing the projects that are changing the course of education and knowledge; we are always conscious that real social change requires teaming up with leaders.

Gathering top experts
for building future expertise

More diverse leaders, more coherent impact. Gen-D is a project that brings leaders of social change together. Along with Microsoft and Loop Foundation, we are supporting the new generation of digital literacy. Our mission is to critically engage young generation, so they can become active developers of their future, not just early passive adopters of new technologies.

Geography of Gen-D
reaching the boundaries

Bringing technologies closer to youth was a starting point of implementation of a multi-country program like Gen-D, which is covering Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia and Albania. By impacting the region, we are trying to make the culture of programming viral: reaching the underserved parts of society where early learning programs and digital literacy are not available.

Multi-country impact
for multi-talented youth

Microsoft has a multi-national and even archetypal recognition in supporting the information-knowledgeable society, and Loop Foundation is known for great endeavour in popularisation of algorithmic literacy. Our local partners in all participating countries are making sure that the voice of the program is heard all across the region. Multi-country program with multi-partnership influence in search for the new generation of multi-talented youth.