The aim of Petlja Foundation is to improve algorithmic literacy in Serbia. We are accomplishing this goal through various activities, some of which are:

  1. Developing an online programming learning platform that is free and accessible to all;
  2. Developing of open educational materials, such as workbooks, manuals and interactive educational online content for various programming fields and knowledge levels;
  3. Supporting competitions in the field of informatics and computer science, and in particular competitions oriented to solving algorithmic tasks and developing algorithmic thinking;
  4. Organizing educational events (such as workshops, camps and seminars) for students and teachers;
  5. Promoting the importance of algorithmic literacy and programming knowledge and skills through public speaking, participation in meetings, seminars and conferences, as well as through collaboration with organizations, businesses and official institutions in pursuit of joint goals.

The activity of the Foundation is carried out through direct action and/or through supporting projects and activities of other organizations, institutions, informal groups and individuals.



The Association of Teachers and Professors of Informatics was founded in October 2011 at the initiative of professors and teachers of informatics in the Canton of Sarajevo as an association of citizens who are connected by the interests of the profession.

The goals and objectives of the Association are:

  • developing awareness of the importance of computerization, education and information and their role in civil society,
  • promote and implement fundamental, applicable and developmental ICT research,
  • creation and updating of databases for educational and research purposes in the field of educational and pedagogical work and other areas,
  • encouraging educational and research work,
  • publishing, production of digital material in areas of development and propagation of ICT in education and your own work and achievements in these segments,
  • organization of scientific and professional meetings and workshops in the field of education,
  • preparation of studies and projects in the above mentioned fields,
  • promotion of information literacy through discussions, conferences, congresses and seminars and workshops for teaching staff, parents and students,
  • providing direct and indirect assistance to citizens in their acceptance of ICT,
  • establishing cooperation with organizations, associations, institutions and associations that have similar program objectives.



Programerko is an association of citizens engaged in the promotion of the development of computer skills in pre-school children in Croatia. The Association cares about the professional training of its members and promotes the creativity and innovation of children in the area of software development and information technology.

As part of the Association’s activities, we have set up a program for school children. Kids, with the guidance of our volunteers, have the opportunity to learn how to create interactive stories, animations, games or music in the Scratch tool that was created at the famous American University of MIT. We decided to start from the smallest with this workshop to encourage children to understand the importance of mathematical and computer principles, but also to learn creative thinking, systematically conclude as well as work in the team. Workshops are held regularly during school holidays, and classrooms are filled with the enthusiasm of our volunteers with such a strong response of children and parents the most prized reward for the effort they make.

In addition, in 2016, we became a partner pf the Code Club International organization. The Code Club International organization was established in the United Kingdom, and the Association became a partner and coordinator for Croatia. Code Club is a world-wide network of free volunteer led coding clubs for children. We want to encourage children in Croatia to learn to code, to think logically and creatively regardless of their location and financial resources. Running a Code Clubs is very easy and fun, you need space and a volunteer who is ready to work with children throughout the school year. Code Club is part of Raspberry Pi Foundation organization.


Oficina is the leading integrator of youth, start-ups and innovative businesses, aiding the economic growth, youth employability, visibility and prosperity of Albania.

Oficina aims to advance innovation and entrepreneurship to new levels, in which the entrepreneurial spirit and culture of innovation are reflected amongst individuals, companies and government, though creating a functional ecosystem in which ventures are supported to growth and sustainability.

Oficina supports the aspirations of individuals, private institutions, governments and foreign investors to achieve development by generating innovative ideas and introducing new products, services and operations that improve the overall life quality of Albania’s citizens and increase the competitiveness of the local economy through supporting 21st century education curricula.


Digital National Alliance (DNA) is part of the initiative of the European Commission – Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. The initiative brings together Member States, companies, social partners, non-profit organisations and education providers, who take action to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe.
DNA is an organization with non-political body and members, established in 2013 by a strong team of proponents of the digital future of Bulgaria.
The main goal of the organization is to promote the digital technologies to achieve more efficient implementation of the digital opportunities and to assist the development of the ICT sector in Bulgaria.
DNA channels the efforts of the business, the academia and the government of Bulgaria and works for the achievement of the priorities of the Digital Agenda of Europe.
Throughout the years, DNA has supported numerous initiatives and the team is always ready to take upon new challenges and ideas.