Schools chose right tools for online learning, eduIT confirms

Given the new situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic, and the need to adapt the everyday life and thus the education system, we asked our partners about the situation in their countries. Our Gen-D partner from Bosnia and Herzegovina has sent us a video reporting on how the educational system in their country responded to this pandemic.

The Association of Teachers and Professors of Informatics eduIT was founded at the initiative of professors and teachers of informatics in the Canton of Sarajevo as an association of citizens who are connected by the interests of the profession. The goals and objectives of the Association are, among others, developing awareness of the importance of computerization, education and information and their role in civil society, encouraging educational and research work, preparation of studies and projects in the above-mentioned fields and establishing cooperation with organizations, associations, institutions and associations that have similar program objectives.

In their report video, they stated that all educational institutions at all levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina are in the online mode of operation, and take their classes in the best possible way. Educational TV shows for children have been organized, as well as various webinars for teachers to enhance their digital competencies. Many schools use Office365 for education, as well as the Teams application for online classes.