Proud of our Ministry of Education and all teachers, DNA says

Given the new situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic, and the need to adapt the everyday life and thus the education system, we asked our partners about the situation in their countries. Our Gen-D partner from Bulgaria has sent us a video reporting on how the educational system in their country responded to this pandemic.

Our partners from Bulgaria, Digital National Alliance, have been recognized as the National Coalition for Digital Jobs in Bulgaria. The main aim of the DNA is to ultimately get more young people trained on digital skills. The Digital National Alliance stands for diverse initiatives that aim at ensuring that more Bulgarian people have digital skills, addressing the mismatch between business needs and education requirements, facilitating young people to access digital technologies, and use them, as well as helping young people to find new job opportunities.

DNA reported that most people that have the opportunity to work from home are doing so. Schools in Bulgaria are closed and all teachers and students have their accounts fully operational on Microsoft Teams and about 90% of children have the possibility to study at home. The Ministry of Education and all teachers have put great efforts into adapting the educational system to this new reality.