Petlja contributes to creating TV lessons and other resources

Given the new situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic, and the need to adapt the everyday life and thus the education system, we asked our partners about the situation in their countries. Our Gen-D partner from Serbia has sent us a video reporting on how the educational system in their country responded to this pandemic.

The aim of Petlja Foundation from Serbia is to improve algorithmic literacy in Serbia. This goal is accomplished through various activities, in particular: developing an online programming learning platform that is free and accessible to all, development of open educational materials, promoting the importance of algorithmic literacy and programming knowledge and skills.

Petlja reported that the educational system adapted to online mode in a very short period. Students take their lessons from home, use online resources and communicate with their teachers through different platforms like Microsoft Teams. Accounts with free access to Office 365 and Microsoft Teams have been provided to all teachers and students in primary and secondary schools in Serbia.